Worx 4V Mini Elektrický Skrutkovač Nastaviť WX240 Smart Akumulátorové Elektrické Skrutkovače USB Nabíjateľné Rukoväť s 26 Bit Nastavený Vŕtačka

€31.25 €50.41 Zadarmo Vracia

WX240 4V Mini Elektrický Skrutkovač Nastaviť USB Nabíjateľné Smart Akumulátorové Elektrické Skrutkovače

Poznámka: okno je aktualizácia ak prijímate aktualizácie black box, je vlastné pre Worx oficiálneho obchodu.

- Manuálne a automatické integrácie, zdarma úprava - 3 Rýchlosti moment, jedno-tlačidlo nastavenie, Flexibilné pre rôzne potreby - Rýchlo zmeniť skrutkovač bit, Plug-in a out - Tenké Telo, jedna ruka prevádzku, Pohodlné uchopenie - Dvojité LED osvetlenie Svetlá, žiadny strach z Tmy. - Univerzálny mobilný telefón, USB Nabíjačka a Batérie displej

  • Popis
  • Recenzie
  • Kapacita batérie: 1.5 Ah
  • Zdroj Napájania: DC
  • Max. Krútiaci moment: ručný režim 8Nm
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Použitie: Domov urob si sám
  • Nastavenie Krútiaceho Momentu: 1 - 3 rýchlosti
  • Rozmery: 35*35*183mm
  • Hmotnosť: 0.26KG
  • nabíjací port: TYP-C
  • Otáčky Bez Zaťaženia: 250rpm(+/- 10%)
  • Menovité Napätie: 4V
  • Bit Veľkosť: 6.35
  • Certifikácia: KC
  • Krútiaci moment: 5/2.5 Nm(tvrdý/mäkký)
  • Číslo Modelu: WX240
  • Druh: Akumulátorový Skrutkovač
  • Názov Značky: worx

Appearance of good quality. I did not understand how to control battery charging with a USB connected. The rest is like everything, convenient to use, three indicators of rotation force, removable nozzles on the magnet, not lost. In the kit only cord Taip cm, you need a charging unit with USB. I recommend to buy.

  • 5 / 5

Delivery from Moscow to Perm 4 days. Packing is factory, wish the seller, packing extra, the box was damaged, can be seen in the photo below. The content was not affected. The screwdriver came completely discharged, charged with a power supply for 2 amps, tried different power supplies, optimal for 5 V and 2 amps, that's how much the charging controller is designed, checked through the USB tester. Complete cable of good quality, flat format, long about a meter. Tested after charging, the screwdriver liked, the grip is convenient, the adjustment is honest, complete bits at first glance quality, further exploitation will show if it is so. The case is small, made soundly, the bits sit on the seats perfectly, the bit set itself is excellent, there's everything you need.

  • 5 / 5

Super screwdriver. He's gone. Everything came whole. Full set. Came charged half. Advise. In the hand lies easily. What you need.

  • 5 / 5

Rechargeable electric screwdriver with a set of 26 bits and a storage case. Delivery 3 days by courier to the house. In the case there is also a charging cord. The quality of the bit and screwdriver is high, the tool is made of metal, rubber handle, it is very convenient to keep and work it. Also there are 2 LED lights, buttons for changing turn and power. Bits are replaced very quickly thanks to magnetic fastening. Screwdriver compact 18.3 cm height, thickness 3.5 cm. I recommend to order, the right thing in every house!

  • 5 / 5

Item arrived in Singapore in good condition and as described. Have not yet fully tested but quality looks very good. Thanks to the seller.

  • 5 / 5
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